Saturday, July 6, 2013

What Matters

Omen!  Good or bad?  Driving the road up to Lake Louise, we had to stop to let an absolutely beautiful young grizzly bear cross in front of us to the other side of the road.  This was the start to a wild and adventurous day and how could you not love that!  While I was driving along, we had no choice but to stop and my friend captured this photo of the grizzly bear going along its merry way.
photo by Roy G.
Spending nearly every weekend in the mountains over a number of years, you come to know that in your own best interest and of those of your friends,  you never go unprepared.  Today was the prime example of what can transpire when you are out and about playing in those mountains.  Right from the start we could eye our destination which is the summit of Mount St Piran at the  center high point looking very lovely under sunshine and blue sky.  
It was a cool start but quickly warmed up as we began to climb.  The trail, the whole way, was dry and clear of snow.  I was thankful for that as I did not want a repeat of the steep snowy slippery slopes we had last week.  As time passed and we worked our way to the top, clouds rolled in.  We evaluated the situation from time to time and each time gave the all clear and carried on. 
The summit cairn now came into sight, as did menacing looking clouds to our right.  
I quickly scampered over the last few boulders to the summit and secured my summit shot.  The wind picked up, the temperature fell as did the snow and hail now.  My friend's hair then stood straight up as we heard a clap of thunder in the distance.  We took this as a sign to be quick with the balance of our business and began ascending to safer terrain.  
The sun shone again over us while snow fell right before our eyes.
We took a little time to have lunch here.
Then the sky turned blue and the temperature rose.
Then the sky turned grey and the snow fell.
Then the sun came out.
Then it got cold.
This is got very cold.
Then it poured rain.
Then the sky turned blue.
Then it got warm.
Then it got very warm.
All this within about an hour.
I came prepared!

The weather really isn't what matters or makes the day.  What matters is being in the company of fun folks, being supportive of each other and laughing together.  Those are the things I am thankful for.  They can make a dark day as bright as can be!

I appreciated being surrounded by friends today that have it in their nature to smile no matter what.   

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  1. I just so relate to your final words. Our 'stroll' at the weekend took us to 287 metres. We were blessed with mid winter sunshine and warmth. Added to this was loads of laughter as we huffed and puffed up our 'steepest' inclines so far. As always, would have loved to have been on your hike today.


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