Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 1 July 14 - Iceberg Lake Glacier National Park Montana

As summer approached, I began to feel the need to have a get-a-way to look forward to that would be full off moments that I could feel and get lost in.  This trip needed to be priceless but cheap. Where could I go that would fit this bill?  No plane ride!  No hotel!  No car rental!  No guide fees!  Hmmm, a three and a half  hour car drive south to camp and hike in Glacier National Park Montana would be cheap and priceless at the same time.   I made it happen!  Not only was it cheap with priceless scenery but on top of all that, the stars aligned for me.   

I had no intentions of hiking my first day there but rather just sight-see and get settled in.  Since I was feeling fine after a 3.5 hour quick, smooth drive with no border- crossing trouble, I opted to hit a trail to stretch my legs and that took 3.5 hours also.  

My choice to set the tone of the trip was Iceberg Lake. 
I had been before so know it to be an eye opener and it certainly was today.
The view with still a couple of kms to where Iceberg Lake is nestled.
I was happy to see little icebergs floating about.
I found a quiet spot...
Then sat down by my own little iceberg...
"I just want to feel this moment!"
The beginnings of more icebergs yet to come.
This is a shot of the far end of the Lake.
I stayed at the Lake for about 20 minutes and then began the hike back. 
The view on the return trip. 
Once back at the trail head, I checked into my home for the night.  A couple of days before I was due to leave, I checked online only to find vacancies here, so booked a night and went on my trip a day earlier.  After checking in and unpacking, I then enjoyed two margaritas and a pizza on the front deck of the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn.  That finished me off and I was in bed by 8:00 pm.  
Even though this was only Day 1 of my visit to Glacier National Park, I was already well into vacation mode and mood.  I was excited for what was to come.

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