Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 4 July 17 - Scenic Point Glacier National Park Montana

The Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park has its own distinctive look and I ventured there today to hike Scenic Point.  Before hitting the trail, I went down to the lake-side to get a reflection shot. It was perfection today!  It was early and it was already very warm.  The Ranger at the Station said to watch the sky because thunder storms are being forecast for the afternoon.
The first kilometer is in the trees then its open from there on in right up to the summit.  That's not the greatest for when it is hot but it is fabulous for wide open views.  What a combination of red mountains, gnarly trees and green slopes.  This is further up after already a number of switchbacks. 
Then the vista!
After the last corner, my objective came into sight which is that top knob sticking out in the far middle.  
Now the full Two Medicine Lake is visible.
I owned the summit for my 20 minute visit!
I enjoyed lunch...
Then found the perfect spot...
To get my summit shot and...
Just stand there....
"I just want to feel this moment!"
Nothing but blue sky, sunshine, view upon view upon view.
It is being in places like this that make me feel like "I am on top of the world!"
I was back to St Mary with loads of time to grocery shop again, shower, then drive down to check into the Visitor Center for updated trail conditions and to find a doable hike for tomorrow.  It was about 4:00, I think, when I asked the Ranger what the latest conditions were for Grinnell Glacier.  She beamed with delight, smiled wide and announced "it just opened 30 minutes ago"!  I shrieked with joy!      She said they blasted snow two days ago and spent today shoveling open areas.  That explains the thunderous noise I heard while dining at the Grinnell Glacier Overlook.  I walked back to my car giving thanks for my stars continuing to align.

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