Thursday, July 28, 2011

Waking Wiser

This three day camping trip was an experiment, a quiet get-a-way, and an opportunity to grow and to learn by choice, even yet, also to become wiser for a reason which I have no control over.   My agenda was a very simple, sedimentary, slack one!  The only hard work I had was setting up my home away from home and the more I do this the easier it gets.  

Once I was moved in,  I quickly made myself at home!  
A "Tartan" and "Spooky Campfire Stories" by daylight set the tone for my get-a-way.  
I brought along lots of reading material to pass my time between meals and naps.   I like this add in the Backpacker magazine!  It says "navigate the unforgettable!"  Well, I did!  I saw the sun rise at Mesa Arch, I rappelled and canyoneered and I hiked to the Fisher Towers all during my trip to Moab in May of this year.  I learned lots about backpacking meals from this magazine that I will put to use.   
I have been curious ever since June of 2009, if the Letterbox is still there and how many more folks found it.  I went for a drive in hopes of remembering where it was and I did find it, only to learn just two others found it since we did.  
I didn't have to go far to see a variety of wild flowers in full bloom!  With in a ten minute walk around my Loop, there were plenty to see.  I did the Loop quickly between showers and was able to capture some of the flowers still with rain drops on them.  
While my fire didn't crackle much, it was enough of a campfire to do what campfires are suppose to do!  I was envious of my neighbours crackles'.   I am learning that it takes patience to get one roaring!
I tried new recipes on my Trangia which I learned will work great for my next trip.   While most of the get-a-way was quiet, I did meet my neighbor who is from Arkansaw and just finished a five day backpacking trip and was resting a couple of days before heading to do a seven day trip.  I could learn lots from him, he has been doing long backpacking trips for 40 years.

I came away wiser from this trip too!  Don't they say "the older the wiser"?
Thank you for the wishes!

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  1. Best wishes as well! :)
    Looks like you had a wonderful day.


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