Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simply Splendid

Boom Lake proved to me that you don't always have to go far and go high for beauty and contentment!  After a larger day yesterday, the hike to Boom Lake was ideal for today.  There was no effort involved other than climbing over a boulder field to get to our lunch reservation.  The day also afforded me the opportunity to chat with folks I hope to hook up with for hiking in Glacier in August.
After checking out the lay of the land, knowing the lack of elevation, there was no doubt I could leave my gaiters and spikes in the car.   I stowed my poles on my pack but could have left them behind too.  The trail was very wet and muddy in sections and at times those sections were long but they were easy to maneuver around.  The board walk protected the land from us and protected us from the land.
Having new people to meet and get to know and friends to catch up with along for today, the hike to the lake went by quickly and before I knew it, there it was, our first glimpse of Boom Lake.   The Lake is at the base of Boom Mountain and being right on the edge of the Lake, I wasn't able to be a shot that included the full Lake and full  Mountain.
We crossed over the boulder field to get to a somewhat secluded and more private place to settle down for awhile. 
This is our dining spot!  There were enough large rocks that we each claimed our own!
We spent easily an hour here, first eating, then exploring, then napping, then taking a group photo before returning the same way we came.  After leaving the secluded spot, working our way through the trees and bushes, we arrived to throngs of folks hanging out at the wide open larger spot.   This is obviously a tourist trail, which was even more evident along the trail back and then seeing a packed parking lot.  Good thing we were early birds today!

Speaking of birds, we were fortunate to find the local Castle Mountain Junction Osprey at home, we think guarding a nest of babies.   We topped off our trip with ice cream treats before hitting the highway home.
It was such a gorgeous day in the mountains, I didn't want to go home!  
No worries though, next weekend I won't be going home after my day in the mountains!

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