Friday, July 1, 2011


Today we bought into Mount Lipsett and we owned it for free!  Normally on July 1st there are more hiking options to choose from for a Canada Day Celebration.  This year was different, once again it's old news, there is still too much snow high up.  A couple of suggestions were presented and eventually we all bought into Mount Lipsett.  

Today, July 1st, Canada Day, I took the time to acknowledge how fortunate I am to live where I do, to be able to do what I want to do, to go where I want to go and when I want to.  I am thankful I live in Canada true north, strong and free!
These July 1st mountain top celebrations are becoming a tradition.  I look forward to the uniqueness that each friend brings to the party.  This year Agent-X brought along her kite which she loaned me and I held onto it for dear life in that fierce wind.  Wishes to you for a wonderful summer!   Another friend was celebrating her first Canada Day as a Canadian Citizen and I'm glad she choose to let us share in her special day.  Adventure Designer who put today together for us brought bubbles which made for great photo opportunities.  Thank you for designing this day!  This could possibly be the last Canada Day we get to share locally with Ms D No Stopping Me.  Did I see you take your own moment of reflection on top?  I think I did!  Not only does July 1st give us reason to celebrate Canada Day, it's the beginning of another fun filled six months and my time to begin acknowledging my friend's new chosen name of Short Stop!  Your home made specially filled treats add an extra kick to our adventures. 
After our potluck celebration in a lower down sheltered spot, we then headed for the summit of Mount Lipsett.  As we started up, the group already up there began their descent.  I was glad for that because once we reached the top, we owned the summit for a good lengthy time.  We had a 360 degree view.   I liked how I could get alpine flowers and grand mountain views in the same photo. 
This photo was taken from the summit looking north and that's Highway 40 (where life begins) down below.  
Mount Lipsett had a couple of different ridges to explore.  This flowery ridge was my favourite.  It amazes me that at a high elevation point of approximately 2600 meters, these pretty, delicate looking flowers can exist amongst the rocks on these rough and rugged slopes.
These are a few of the wild flowers we saw today!
I was thankful Mount Lipsett was chosen for today's celebration over Mist Mountain (the other option which I would have declined from participating in.)  The summit and ridges exceeded my expectations and left me with that fulfilled feeling which I really craved.  After just short of eight hours we were back at the trail head.  We geared down, exchanged final thoughts and gestures and then it was time to be heading home!
I had a Happy Canada Day!  
At that moment in time when my summit shot was taken 
(which is the first photo at the beginning of my story) 
I felt like I was "on top of the world!"

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  1. I am so enjoying your trip stories, and yet what I seem to also find very engaging is the wonderful 'heading home group photo' you often have at the end... Those also tell a great story in themselves...


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