Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Glacial July Day

Days spent playing in the mountains can't always be perfect but if you learn to not sweet the small stuff, can be thankful for having your health and the time to play, are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way and you are open to being social and silly then any day in the Rockies can be pretty darn good!

I wasn't expecting the weather to be so bad today!  I checked the forecast last night and it was quite decent,  I didn't this morning and it appears Mother Nature didn't get a good night sleep, got up on the wrong side of the bed and made us pay for it today.  But, being experienced enough to know to leave certain items in my pack at all times, Mother Nature couldn't fool me nor my friends.

We had an approximate time set to begin our hike but that got thrown by the way-side when the highway was backed up do to a mud-slide.  Inching along, sitting in the car, watching the rain pour down I thought this is going to be one of those days (but not in a good way).  Letting myself believe that for a second, I quickly gave myself an attitude adjustment and realized today will be whatever I make of it!  So, for the part I had control over, I made it a great day! 

We finally hit the trail which was lined with a variety of colorful wildflowers!
We went from a fragile, colorful, delicate garden path to a rough and rugged, black and brown rocky trail!
As the sun poked out, I took the opportunity to have my summit shot taken! Even though this is not the high point, it was a high point seeing blue sky.  You can see Stanley Glacier behind me.
Then we carried on to the upper plateau where we had a view of Stanley Glacier!  We watched as a group of people (who began the hike as we were gearing up) work their way up the edge of the glacier and I believe these were the same folks who walked and stood directly under the cornice at Mt. Indefatigable.  We took shelter here for a short while but the rain was so heavy we decided to move on.
We descended on the opposite side from where we ascended so we could take shelter in "Thriller" which is a climbing cave.
Our hike ended with sunshine at the trial head, a beer and bison burger at The Drake and a feeling of accomplishment for making the most of a day that got off on the wrong foot!  Your days in the mountains can be whatever you make of them!

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