Monday, September 6, 2010

Short and Sweet

The title refers to the length of this blog post, not of our adventurous, exploratory (yet sweet) hike through French Creek to the toe of French Glacier today.  The hike was everything it was promised to be, and then some!  Another definition of "exploratory" is "unexpected route finding side trips".  An additional definition of "exploratory" is "finding and seeing some of the most unexpected, beautiful scenery and things".

We made it to our destination and back in a round about way on both ways.  Instead of the "promised" 14km, we accomplished our mission "and then some" in 18km.  Our total elevation for the day was approximately 730 meters.  I was surprised that with a lower meter count, you could still hit amazing heights.

A couple of things interfered with me getting great photos today.  I didn't realize my camera setting was still set to a practice mode from Saturday's photography hike.  When we reached the toe, the snow started, the wind picked up and it turned blizzard-like.  For these reasons alone, I want to return to this place on a nicer day.

To give you somewhat of an idea of today, I picked out a few photos.   

Thank you to Agent-X for the quick administration of Vitamin I and knee brace.  The immediate attention worked and won't interfere with the next adventure.  From one adventure to the next, how sweet!

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