Friday, September 10, 2010

Four For Fernie (Day 3 - Sept. 9, 2010)

Originally, the plan was to drive home today but there was still lots to see and after what I saw today, I'm glad I stayed on.  I drove the long, winding, narrow, pot-holed road to Island Lake Lodge.  I can't imagine tackling that road in the winter!
The area is very remote and today was very quiet.  For those reasons, I decided not to do any significant hiking but instead stuck to the Lake Trail.   On my way I checked out the Lodge to see a few fellows doing maintenance work inside and out and also looked in the window of another log building to see what looked like a conference taking place.

I couldn't see any of the surrounding mountains through the trees, cloud and fog but there was enough eye candle at eye level.  The whole property was very well manicured from the log buildings, to the trail.... the signage... could sit by the fire to stay warm...
...just sit and enjoy the view...
...or say "I Do!"...
The area is famous for catskiing. This is the only time I'll get the opportunity to, or for that matter,  get on one of these machines, so I jumped on.
This resort is called "Island Lake" for a reason but I couldn't tell when I was hiking the Lake Trail but once I checked out my track, it was obvious.
Just down the road from Island Lake Lodge is the Fernie Ski Resort.  It is that time of year for maintenance as that is what was taking place here too.  Everyone is getting ready for ski season.   I walked around, took some photos and ate my lunch.
On my way out, I stopped to shake hands with Mr. Inukshuk.  
I went from hiking at a remote lake in a mountain range to strolling along a beach within a matter of an hour.  I spent some time at the beach which was at Lake Koocanusa.  I had the place to myself except for some elderly gentlemen who were sitting at the canteen.   
Lake Koocanusa area is quite the size and has roads leading to it from all directions.  I drove down a few and found another beach.
Once I visited everything on my to-do list for the day, it was time to head back to town, clean up and go out for dinner.  When I did the tour of Historic Downtown,  I took note of this place and thought it looked like a nice place to dine.  The building is restored but not as a hotel anymore.  
Remember I mentioned I had to ask directions yesterday?  As it turns out, the lady with the one dog is the chef at this restaurant so she prepared my dinner for me.  I enjoyed a glass of red while she made my ravioli.
After dinner, yet again, I walked around Annex Park for about an hour and this time the mountains peeked through the clouds for me.  
What a rewarding day, actually rewarding past three days!  I was content with everything I saw and did and now was ready to head home.  I went to sleep planning an attack for the drive home in the morning.

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