Friday, September 10, 2010

Four For Fernie (Day 2 Sept. 8, 2010)

Yesterday was all about driving, today was all about walking!  The only thing I had to do with my car today was look at it when I walked out the front the door.  I let them know at the front desk that I would be gone all day but my car wouldn't.  I just felt I wanted someone to know where I was!  I had about 25km to cover and the first stop was the Visitor Center to get some information.   It was a hike on its own to get there but there was lots to see along the way.  

Right behind the Visitor Center was the trailhead for Fairy Creek Falls.  It was a 4km round trip through a dense lush forest.  The lady at the Center suggested I make noise because black bears have been frequenting Fernie the last little while.  I did as she suggested and also carried bear spray in my hand.  
The trail was muddy and steep down to the falls.  I made it part way down when I started sliding in the mud.  This was as close as I got.  Without poles or grippy boots, it was a challenge to get back up.
The trail system throughout Fernie is similar to ours here in Calgary.  You can go from one end of the city to the other and that is just what I did.  I carried on after Fairy Creek Trail hike and followed a pathway that took me to Maiden Lake.  At this point, I was confused as the names on the map were different then the names on the trail posts.  I asked for directions three times, once a runner, another time a lady with one dog and the third time a lady and two dogs.   It appears I had an out of date map.
Then I worked my way along a trail called Old Stumpy and it brought me out at the historic downtown section of Fernie.  This is City Hall.  I walked up and down the streets admiring the restored buildings.  I found some benches in front of a senior citizens home and that's where I had my lunch.
On the other end of the historic section, I hooked up with the Coal Creek Trail. Somehow I missed the old coal mines and a graveyard but did find this abandoned barn.  I felt like I was on someone's farm.
That trail led to another trail which followed a river.   No beavers were to be seen at this dam. I ended up in a beautiful residential area and on the other side of it was James White Park.  I was glad to see others around here as I had been warned a black bear was shot there last week.
Almost six hours later and 23.5km, I landed back at my home away from home.  I decided I wanted to stay another day, so before going to my room, I checked to see if I could stay another night and they confirmed my room was available.  I went to it, took my socks and boots off, put my feet in the tub that I filled with cold water and it felt so good.  My feet were sore and tired!  But I wasn't!  I relaxed for about 45 minutes then cleaned up and went to The Curry Bowl for dinner.  It was a house turned into a sweet restaurant.
I enjoyed a glass of red and watched the people and traffic out the window while I waited for my curry chicken dish.   
After dinner, once again, I went down to Annex Park and walked for an hour enjoying the reflections.
I carried my GPS today as I was curious as to the distance I would cover.  
I was glad I didn't have to head home in the morning.  There was still lots to see.  Before going to sleep, I made a plan of attack for Thursday.

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