Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Musing

I have been following Summit Stones & Adventure Musings for a few months now.  Through this blog, DSD shares wonderful stories and experiences.  Not only do we have an amazing writer here, but also someone with a creative mind and artistic hand.  DSD has painted adorable mountain scenes on stones collected over the years.  They are meant to bring smiles and pass along karma when received or found in summit registers.

I feel honoured to be a part in bringing smiles to fellow mountain adventurers.  These are a few of the treasures I received from DSD to place or pass along.  With each stone comes a booklet of inspirational and motivational thoughts.
The one I choose to keep for myself, certainly brings a smile to my face.  It is full of my favourite colors along with water, mountains and sunshine!  
With autumn so close and the winter snowshoeing season approaching, I look forward to sharing special times and special stones with my good friends and other adventurers.  


  1. Love that stone!! And the stones are such a sweet idea. :)

  2. I like that stone, a good idea and nice presents to exchange.

  3. Awesome stone and so creative.

  4. That is so wonderful! DSD creates beautiful, inspiring stones. I am happily placing the handful that were sent to me on special far all in California. I'm glad some Canadians will get to enjoy the stones and quotes too!


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