Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Third Time is a Charm!

Today was the third time in less than six months that I hiked up Prairie Mountain! The two times previous, I got caught in a blizzard which meant no views. I knew there were views up there, friends told me so! The opportunity came today to go for a 3rd time. I was reluctant to go again so soon but with the promise of blue sky and sunshine, I jumped at the chance.

This is a very steep hike over a short distance, with the majority of the time spent in the trees. Once we got above tree line, there it was! The view that everyone talks about! This is a panorama shot looking towards the west.
I was so happy I just had to jump for joy and was so thankful I jumped at the chance to tag along today.
We carried on along the edge of Prairie Mountain as we pushed to the summit, all the while looking down into Canyon Creek to our right.
We had blue sky and sunshine, yet the wind was howling when we reached the open. The snow started to blow but was no where remotely near a blizzard whiteout. I can handle this type of blowing which made for a great photo opportunity.
We had a short visit at the summit cairn long enough to take individual and group summit shots. I discovered a new feature on my camera, "sequential shooing". Agent X and I had fun with that at the summit! For comparison purposes, these are my three summit shots from the three times I hiked Prairie Mountain.
We found a sheltered spot a few minutes down the mountain in amongst some trees for our lunch break. For the first time ever hiking, I ate all the food I brought with me and could hardly wait to get home to raid the cupboard and fridge. Not sure what that was all about!

It was perfect snow for snowballs and snowmen! I made both but the snowman seemed more popular then the snowballs.
I am so glad I got to experience this mountain on a bright sunny day where you could see forever. I am now cured of my need to see what others saw up there, so won't be feeling the need to return anytime soon. Well, unless someone wants to see the sun set from up there or watch the shooting star show in August. I could be tempted!


  1. I'm so glad you finally got a view at the top, and your comparison of the three summit shots is cool!

  2. The snow again until May! While you were hiking up Prairie Mountain You found the right light for your photos. Excellent images, Alexandra! What about your next run? Have a nice training :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! I really like the 3 summit shots - it captures how a hike can be so different depending on the season.

  4. Loved the panorama shot - and the blowing snow. What a contrast to the part of north America we live in...


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