Sunday, May 16, 2010

Emerald Pools (May 10)


I needed to do an easy hike this morning to save myself for this afternoon. One of the hikes those in the know say not to miss is The Emerald Pools. They seemed more golden to me then emerald but still very pretty. The trail started across the bridge from the Zion Lodge.
I decided to go the easier way which was counter clock wise. I only found that out as I was descending at the end of the hike. My way was an easier ascent. Once the climb started, it was along stairs. The trail conditions everywhere amazed me, they were so well manicured and maintained.
The pools were just that, small pools. The first one seemed more like a puddle. This amazing water fall flowed over the ridge above onto the ground. The mist was refreshing from it on an already warm morning.
I was confused on where the second pool was. I may have been expecting something bigger but didn't find anything that I would call a pool. I continued on to find the third pool. The trail was a little rockier and steep for some folks. I guided a couple along who thought it might be too much for them only to find out they were absolutely fine. It was well worth the effort!
They say third time is a charm! Well, this third pool was a charm! See what I mean by golden? I'm sure those with fancy dancy cameras would get amazing photos here. The lighting was so different, I didn't know what setting to use.
A Charm!
I shared my thoughts with everyone here and left my mark before I had to begin my trek back to the trailhead. This was a quick hike, just under two hours and I covered 4.7 kilometers. Elevation was minimal at 250 meters. I could not pass up taking this photo! Not only was the third emerald pool pretty, so was the scenery along the ridge to and from the pools.
I relaxed at the Zion Lodge for awhile and ate my lunch before getting the shuttle into Springdale for my afternoon adventure.

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