Saturday, May 15, 2010

Angels Landing (May 9)


I was so excited to be attempting Angels Landing today! I was warned to get an early start to avoid the heat and the people that come with a later start. I was at the trailhead by 9:15 along with a handful of others. I let them get out of the way, I wanted to take my time and not have others breathing down my neck. Once they were around the corner, I took this shot!
The climb started right from the get-go and it warmed up right at the get-go! I slowly made my way up these switchbacks, trying to adjust to the heat, enjoy the scenery and take photos.
I was thankful for Refrigerator Canyon at the top of the switchbacks. It was very cool but no way was I putting a layer back on. I grinned and bared it!
I actually giggled at Walter's Wiggles! As I was going back and forth winding my way around and around, I looked up and saw tops of heads going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth! It looked so funny! They looked liked bobble heads bobbling along! I am part way up here looking back down at those behind who already reached the summit and are heading back.
At the top of Walter's Wiggles is Scouts Lookout, the majority of hikers make this their destination and go no further. This is what faces you! It is a very narrow, steep, slippery, sandstone ridge that you need to climb with the aid of chains if you want to reach Angels Landing.
This is the base of the steep section!
I wasn't sure if I could do this but I knew I had to at least attempted it! First, I took a photo of the road below me.
I took my time on the chains. I needed to hold on with both hands to feel safe, and watched every foot placement. I'm not use to hiking on sandstone stuff like this. I kept my eyes in front of me and after about 30 minutes or so, I reached the top! I moved to a flat safe area and had a moment behind my sunglasses. When I looked around, I couldn't believe the beauty! I could not believe where I was! The Canyon is vast and so far down!
I asked a fellow to take my summit shot! He was solo too, so I offered to take one of him. He stood there, I said "is that it?" then he raised his arms in victory and beamed just like me!
I tried to imagine what this hike would be like, but it far exceed anything I could ever imagine and I have quite the imagination too!

These are my stats for the Angels Landing hike and the West Rim Trail which I carried on with when I reached Scouts Lookout.

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  1. I must admit to jumping ahead to look at the Angels Landing entry - spectacular! Those views from the summit are amazing! We didn't make it all the way to the top as some of my companions were not so fit...


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