Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Adventure Begins (May 8)


Even though I live in Calgary, I am by no means a big city girl so I could hardly wait to get off the plane in Las Vegas, hop in the rental Mazda 3, hit the freeway and escape to begin my adventure. I consider the beginning when I turned off the I-15 onto this long and winding road that took me through the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada on my way to Zion National Park in Utah.
Not long down this road, after many stops, my thoughts were leaning to, did I book enough days away, it's hot, will my camera card be big enough, it's hot, at this rate I will never get to Springdale and it's hot! This Valley was living up to its' name.
I pulled off at all the pull-offs and drove down all the roads there were to drive down. Each area had something unique, for example these are called beehives.
Another area had pretty flowers and cactus!
It was this road and this scenery that got me into vacation mode and I was ready to get to Springdale to check in and set up my home away from home.

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