Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Refreshing Run

That it t’was, in more ways then one!

This was to be my first run since the Half on Sunday! I felt ready, had game, but it was pouring rain! I himmmed and hawwwed, my left side of the brain was trying to live up to what it is best known for! I heard the wind blow, I just didn’t want to go! When I saw the trees bend, I thought my feet still need to mend! On the window the rain hit, I felt maybe I should just sit!

Come on girl, you’re stronger than that! Walk out that door, get those feet in motion, just do it!

With the rain and wind at my back to start, I sailed was a breeze, floating along everything felt good and the run was quite smooth. The return trip wasn’t bad either, even going into the rain and wind. I tipped the brim of my cap, pushed forward, it wasn’t a float or a sail along, didn’t feel like a rogue wave or choppy seas either, but more like a ripple or a gentle tide rolling in! Wooo, where did I just go!

It was a refreshing run! Rain-wise and Spirit-wise!

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