Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cold As Slow Molasses

...picnic table, cooler of cold foods, plastic plates and cutlery, picnic basket, table cloth...

Package all these together and allow your mind to paint a picture! What does it look like? Possibly a picnic taking place on a nice warm sunny day!

Today the molasses would not pour! The butter hardened and the salads got chillier as they sat mid table. All this leads me to believe that inside the cooler was warmer then the cooler air outside the cooler where we thought it should be warmer!

The picnic table nestled in the midst of new fallen snow which fell on top of inches of old snow. Picnickers self-cuddling on the folded thrice quilt covered bench. Bundled in four layers, cotton-fleece-leather- windbreaker. This is not a painted picture but a shot of the actual site. Today’s picnic with my very good friend was wonderful! It was cold but yet it was still wonderful!

To say "nothing comes between me and my finger food" would be a lie! We have gloves to prove it! Our gloves are now sporting chicken, molasses, butter and timbits. Our crib tournament will take place at another time when we can play with bare hands.

The extra time on our hands (not on our gloves) due to no crib tourney was put towards a few "down-road adventures"! We’re not into those off-road adventures! You probably wonder lots of times what’s down those roads you always just pass on by. Today we did lots of curiosity satisfying! Just look at my car, you can tell from that we were up to something!

It is always a pleasure to share a day with my very good friend, and today was a pleasure even though it was cold. Still yet, I have to admit it is good to be back home where the molasses will now pour!


  1. Hello Andra! I just looked at your blog page. It's awesome! Im emailing you tonight. :)

    - Your Neice Heather

  2. Thank you Heather! Look forward to a note from you! I love you!


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