Friday, May 2, 2008

My First Run Since...

This evening was my first run since the big one last Sunday, and it felt wonderful! Aaahh! All parts were in working order and felt fine.

I can’t ever remember running on a Friday evening before but the stars were aligned to do so. The sky was partly sunny, included was a bit of a breeze and the temperature was up there enough to sport shorts again. It was the first day too that I was able to get around with out any reminder that I had completed 21km just a few short days ago. Those running gurus say be smart and listen to your body and don’t push it by doing too much too soon. I heeded their advice and the five day wait was a tall order to fill but I abided by that running rule and now I am good to go!

I look forward to sharing the morning of May 11th with two of my close running friends and about 12,000 of my extended family members as we hit the downtown streets to run the 10km Mother's Day Race. The countdown is on!

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