Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mileage for Mother

The numbers are guesstimates but here goes!

7000 x 10km = 70000
7000 x 5km = 35000

There you go, roughly 105,000 kilometers were run this morning in Calgary for Mothers and that’s wonderful support for the Calgary Health Trust!

What a great way to spend this Sunday morning! With two good running friends and a 20 month old and by the way, this was her 3rd race already! Way to go K! On Mother’s Day, Mother Nature did what she does well! She shone sunshine on us for the entire race. Not deemed to be a race to get your fastest time (unless you are one of those elites who have earned the right to line up at the 4 min/km marker) but most definitely, a race to have your most fun time at!

We each had our own personal plan of attack for today’s run and before heading our separate ways, we designated a special spot to converge upon once our attack was conquered. The after attack is always an enjoyable time, with endorphins brimming over we share our attack stories, savour a cup du cafĂ©, take fun photos and collect goodies that are there for the taking. Beautiful roses for all the ladies is an added touch that’s special!

It was nice to share today with my good friends especially with my friend running the Mother’s Day Race for the first time as a Mom!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by the blog! It was a great race, wasn't it? Perfect weather!


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