Saturday, September 12, 2020

Dinosaur Provincial Park Camping September 2020

Spending four days and three nights tent camping at Dinosaur Provincial Park was exactly the mini vacation I desired.  I was due to spend three nights here comfort camping in June but that type of camping was cancelled due to the way our world is these months.  I wanted a desert fix so I am thankful for this recent adventure.  While only a mere 2.5 hour drive from home, I felt like I was on another planet!
my little corner down there of this piece of paradise 

Each morning started savouring a cup of coffee up on the ridge waiting for the sun to rise!
Considering how small this Provincial Park is, it contains many hidden gems, diverse landscape and and an abundance of sweet sights.  September is my favourite time of year as the autumn shades are on display while still being able to enjoy summer-like temperatures.   This Park is a photographer's dream and I met numerous big lens people.  I am not a big lens person but I was still able to capture beautiful seconds in time. I picked out a few of my favourite photos to share with you.

The trails to hike and locations to see throughout Dinosaur Provincial Park can all be accessed by foot right from the front door of my tent.  A walking routine fell into place which consisted of a three hour morning walk, two hour afternoon walk and a one hour evening walk each day.  This place is like a playground for the young and young at heart!  I just did what I do!

As day turns to night in the desert the landscape lights up like it is on fire and that's my sign to set my own fire. All the fire crackles coming from nearby campsites is a soothing sound and it is soon time to settle in my tent  for the night.  Another day ends and another trip to this land like no another comes to an end with a wealth of wonderful memories!

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  1. Andra you don't need big lens, your photography is sensational without them - a magical few days brilliantly documented.


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