Monday, June 10, 2019

The Dolomites Italy Kreutzburg Pass to Nemes Alm Hutte June 10, 2019

Updated with more photos, maps and more story:  We were picked up then whisked up to Kreutzberg Pass in 30 minutes then took off hiking up hill.  We actually spent the day outside of the Dolomites and closer to the border with Austria.  The weather was rough for the first couple of hours with heavy rain paired with a thunderstorm.  Once it passed by my spirits lifted, my attitude changed and I became a much nicer person!  The first Hutte we arrived at had not opened yet for the season. It was noon so we carried on to higher ground for a munch.  Today there would not be a lunch stop but instead two munch stops. The hike was intended to be a great big loop.  We carried on to where eventually we encountered some snow which was fine but then even further on where the cirque was, there was more snow and too many steep slopes we would have to traverse.    We were going to get to the next Nemes Alm Hutte some how.  We backtracked, found another trail, followed it down only to see the bridge over the creek had been ripped away and was down stream in an unusable state. Our guide tested the creek, first crossing back and forth in sections, then picked where we would go for it, and we did.  By now it was confirmed I liked his style and was comfortable in his company and with his decisions.  We beelined it to the Hutte for a beer! How sweet it was!  After another hour of hiking our ride picked us up and whisked us back home to our wine and five course dinner! Oh what a day!
This map I prepared gives more detail about our adventure.  
You can see how close we were to Austria.
 This is where our hike started.

 The signage along the trail was great.  
When we arrived at this section, the first thing that popped into my head was this looks like prime grizzly territory.   Forget back home, I'm in Italy, so when in Italy worry about what the Italians worry about in this terrain and that is snakes.  I saw none!
This is our munch stop. 
my legs are framing the Hutte

I took out my map and got our guide to show me on the map and out there in the distance, where we were supposed to go.  That cirque just left of the trees and a bit to the right back there is where the steep snow covered trail was.
 We literally sat on top of a war bunker area for our munch stop.  You can see remnants here.
This is a view looking back at the creek we crossed.  We hiked down those stone stairs and arrived at to no bridge in place.  Our guide helped each of us cross the furious creek.  Others helped us maneuver through this possibly electrified fence.  NOTE:  In my previous posting I had a photo of everyone cleaning and drying their feet after the crossing but took it done in respect of those who may rather not be front on center on the blog post.  I do have the photo if you would like to have it.  You can contact me by clicking on the upper right left place where it says View my Complete Profile then contact me.
 after the creek crossing
 view back in the direction where we were

This is a view from the deck of the Nemes Alm Hutte.  You can see the person and their dog herding the cows.  All the cows have large bells and they can be heard from miles aways.
 How sweet it is!
the beer
the view
the place
the group
the Dolomites
It's all good!

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