Saturday, June 2, 2018

Kayak Bowness Lagoon June 2, 2018

Ever since my first kayaking experience last September when I was visiting family in Nova Scotia, I knew immediately the sport of kayaking would play a part in my life down the road.  Well, down the road arrived today.  I had my first lesson at Bowness Park through the University of Calgary Outdoor Center.  What a pleasant surprise to find out my instructor was the same guy who I took X-C Ski lessons from in December of 2014.  I knew I would be in good hands and come away with a wealth of knowledge and an improved kayaker. 
I arrived early and did a walk-about before checking in.  After a miserable last few days weather-wise, today kicked off with sunshine and warmth, ideal conditions for hanging out & about on the water.  The water was calm and surrounded by colorful scenery.
I picked up two items that would assist in making for an enjoyable dry experience.  The dry bag and waterproof case will come in handy.  There is room in the waterproof case for my other small camera, keys, ID, iPhone, money.  The following kayaking photos were taken with my iPhone while it was in the case.
I like the recreational kayaks.  They are not as long and are wider for better balance.  I learned how to get into it from off the deck.  It wasn't pretty but I did it.  I learned how to paddle properly, how to go backwards and sideways.  I learned how to stop, how to turn left and right, how to do a 360, how to meander down a winding canal.  I learned how to quickly straighten out when veering off.
We practiced all these things as we paddled around the lagoon, under the bridge and down the canal.  We were fortunate because this early in the season there is deeper water and we could continue on further.   I didn't want to turn around but we still had to paddle all the way back.  I already knew those unused muscles would be sore in a couple of days.
We arrived back at the lagoon and our instructor showed us how to pick up the pace and fly.  
He then flew and I did for a bit.  
I followed him to the far end and then back to the dock. 
While learning how to get into the kayak from off the dock, he also showed us how to get out of it once back at the dock.  I got the kayak snuggled up to the dock, I got the paddle placement right, but after that, once again it wasn't pretty.  I got onto the dock and was still dry and that's all I cared about.  Doing this properly will take practice.

I thoroughly enjoyed being back in a kayak.  
That past September wasn't just a passing phase.  
This sport is in my life to stay!

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