Sunday, May 20, 2018

Moose Mountain May 20, 2018

I am feeling ready for one of those really really long days being "out & about" in our playground but until my time is ripe for that to happen, I am being patient and embracing the right now.  The road to Moose Mountain just opened on May 15th and reports have been that the road and the trail are in fine form.  That gave me faith that I could have an enjoyable ascent on the final stretch to the top rather than that ugly assault that took place last November.   So once again, I went with another very early start with hopes of beating the traffic on the road and on the Moose Mountain trail to the Lookout.      
I began hiking at 7:26am.  I was not the first on the trail and I did get a bit of comfort from that as who ever was here before me could begin to clear the way.  The early morning light was pretty.  The first glimpse I had of the switchbacks to the hump looked fine. 
I needed to perform a little bit of self talk to reaffirm my main objective was to get to the Lookout, so I passed by all the crocuses that were beginning to wake up.  I kept focused looking straight ahead knowing I would soon have my eyes on the prize.   It was still not in sight.   Along this section a lady runner passed me by.  She looked familiar so I told her that.  We chatted.  It was nice to meet you Fab (former follower of Michael JC).  I am not sure if Fab is a shortened version of her name. She had parked at the bottom of the hill and I didn't realize it was her running up as I drove past.  She stated she would be running for 15 hours today covering 70 to 80 kilometres.  She is training for the Sinister 7.  Maybe Fab is short for Fabulous!  
Up the hump and down the other side, the Prize came into sight and the way looked clear.  
showing a close up and looking good view
There was a short section of snow to go up through at the beginning of the final climb and a short section of snow to traverse after you go under the cable near the top. There were firm obvious steps to get through that final section and I was fine with it, whew.   As is typical of up here, the wind blew cold gusts. 
my summit shot
After capturing my summit shot, I walked around to check out the place.  The boards were off the windows so I assumed someone was manning the Lookout.  I walked a bit closer to the Lookout and the man manning the Lookout looked out and waved. I waved back and then retreated to a spot where I could have a sheltered snack stop in the sun.  
some Sunday shots
 basking in the sun
There are numerous shelters around the Lookout area.  
I sat in one that had this view.
Three people left when I arrived at the summit.  I shared my summit time with another lady.  As I was packing up getting ready to say so long a few more summiteers arrived.  Those firm snow steps were no longer firm.  They were soft and sliding to disappearance.  I got down through that section and breathed a sigh of relief.
view as I made the descent
Once down the steep stuff, then up and over the hump, I took another snack break and admired the scenery.  I didn't count but there was easily about a hundred people already on their way to Moose Mountain Lookout by now.  By now too, the crocuses were open to the warmth and the sun.  The season for these flowers up here was prime today.

Today's plan of attack was executed perfectly and I was pleased with the outcome.  I know I am not done with Moose Mountain or the meadows leading up to it.  I still want to be up there for a consecutive sunset and sunrise.  Maybe the stars will align for that plan to come to fruition this summer.  


  1. Wow that seems early for a fire lookout to be staffed. Looks like a great hike. Running for 15 hours is not my idea of a good time. I'd hike that long though.

    1. Even with all the snow we had this winter and even late into the season, it is now very dry out there and we are in need of rain. Camping season kicked off this past long weekend so makes for busy times at the Lookouts.


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