Saturday, March 10, 2018

Shark Lake March 10, 2018

My dreams seem a bit brighter these days!  After many weeks I finally made it out to the big place to play, out where life begins off Highway 40.  That route 40 is the means to so much.  It leads us to many roads and trails like Shark Lake trailhead where we went today, and takes us to a place where there is not a care nor a concern, we call it "our happy place" where we go to get high on life. 
It was a later start than what I prefer but I was thankful for that today because another crew already there broke trail for a good stretch along the way.  The snow was the purest white gold.  We were rich in our environment.
 a view and my crew
We arrived at Shark Lake and stuck close to the edge to snowshoe to the back side.  The snow was deep.  Pole measurements would put it at waist deep.  We passed through the shade and found a spot in the sunshine to dine.  It was warm, so peaceful, and absolutely the prettiest place.
 After lunch we looked at life a little differently, we looked at it through rose coloured glasses.

 and this is what that looks like, through our eyes anyway
Once our fuel was all played off, we packed up and headed off, continuing around Shark Lake.  I have been to this Lake before but never circumnavigated the whole thing.  It was nice to see the different views from various angles.  
 my destination shot
We were making good time on the beaten down trail, actually making too good of time, so I took a little time off & on to savour some scenes and take it all in.   Before heading down through the last stretch, I glanced back one last time and took a few seconds just to be thankful I was out here with friends making life happen.

It felt so good and it felt so right to have those snowshoes strapped to my boots.  Winter is flying by and my number of snowshoeing adventures have been at an all time low this season.  I am no where near ready to retire them to my basement.  Here's to more dreams appearing brighter!


  1. Looks like a great day Andra!!

  2. Magical!
    I wonder if you have taken yourself out again today. I've never seen Lake Louise look so sunny as on today's webcam.

    1. Had to stay local Sunday. I check the webcam too for Lake Louise, it looks amazing these days!


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