Sunday, February 18, 2018

Nose Hill Park February 18, 2018

When the going gets somewhat sketchy, I go to where it is never sketchy, Nose Hill Environmental Park which is just a hop, skip and a jump from my front door.  I am still working at getting my nerves back from last weekend's scare so wasn't feeling quite up to aiming for the highway.  180 Minutes hiking around this Park was quite satifying on a morning when the windchill blasted at -28C.  This was as sketchy as it got!
I wanted to be amongst lots of snow and I found it.  
It was winter white, untouched, a crispy layer on top and fluffy puffy underneath.  
This is what it took to stay warm from the cold and protected from the windchill.
There were slopes to ascend with deep snow yet no worries of avalanche activity.
This mountainous formation showed the beginnings of a cornice.  No worries though of being underneath it or on top of it even when it does grow to an overwhelming size, because you see...this mountainous formation is the same boulder in the first photo at the top.
My rebellious side peaked out today as soon as the skier skied by.   Once again no worries, these ski tracks and my foot prints were blown over within a matter of minutes.   I hiked an out and back along here and had to break trail on the way back.
Nose Hill is full of wide open spaces covered in snow.  It looked so inviting and I could not resist.  No one was around so I went for it.  It was deeper than I expected and it was not the easist to get up and out and over without making a mess.  A foot to the side of my angel is a mess.  My angel and my mess will leave no impressions with the way the wind blew the snow today.

Afer making my angel, I thought of the angel who received her wings on Friday and how the impressions from her 55 years will be ever lasting.  To all those who were touched by this angel, may Holly's memories bring smiles and your thoughts of her hugs bring comfort & warmth. 

I'm thankful Nose Hill Park is close to my home.  I was fine with driving there and it was a boost to my confidence to make it there and back with no worries.  


  1. Ha! You had me with the picture of bare rock! Amazing what perception can do, eh? Glad you got out! Loving the photos!( as usual)

  2. Beautiful, especially the snow angel for Holly.

  3. Oh, thank you, dear friend! Holly has been so fondly remembered from east to west and now, it reaches up the peaks, towards the skies to Heaven! We both have many who will love this tribute. Thank you, as it is so beautiful. Love and Hugs. Mary


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