Saturday, November 4, 2017

Nose Creek November 4, 2017

With a fabulous forecast presented to us, I knew I needed to be "out & about" in it!  There was only one glitch preventing me from being out in my mountain playground.  While I was quite sure I could conquer the highway in my all-seasons, my level of confidence getting in and out of a snowy mountain trail head parking lot was at the bottom of the scale.  Until I have my winters on, I will have to find my kind of winter within the city boundaries.    

I went in search of what makes me breathe deep & sigh!
A visit to the Birth Forest & Nose Creek is where I went to find my winter!
I picked a trail that would take me to where I would begin my search.
 Quite quickly I found a snow drift.
Right in front of me was the blue sky with those light fluffy puffy clouds that I love so much.
As I wandered my mind wondered to what I could find that takes me where I wished I was!
I found everything I needed!
I even found a dreamy forest!
I followed the dreamy forest trail swishing my feet through the white gold.  
Even though the sky was blue, flakes did fall.  
They glistened they sparkled they landed on my nose and eyelashes.  
I breathed deep and sighed. 

Even if...only in my mind!

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  1. A marvellous way for winter to begin. Stuart has sent me some magical images. The web cam of Banff this morning is awesome as well.


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