Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mount St Piran July 20, 2017

It had been a long time since we shared smiles & laughs, drinks & meals, walks & talks.  Thirty years  later and we would be having the opportunity to share days filled with fun times again.  I counted down the days, I put hiking plans in place and I watched the weather hoping for it to be ideal for my friends visiting from Georgia and South Carolina.  I also paid attention to the smoke index due to the recent fires in British Columbia and Kootenay National Park.  I wanted the best for my friends.  

I was happy they were game to start off with a bang!  We picked Mount St Piran as our first destination.  We left Calgary with hopes of leaving any smoke behind and having a clear sky in the Lake Louise area.  We were blessed with ideal everything.  When I pointed to where we were going there was not a whole lot of words spoken but I did hear one whisper "dang".  I hoped that meant something good!  
Lake Louise presenting its best!
crossing the bridge along the way
We made good time once we got away from Lake Louise and onto the switchbacks up to Mirror Lake.  We took a few moments to admire Mirror Lake and the Big Beehive.  It was already warm for me, they savoured this compared to the heat they would be experiencing if they were back in their home states.
reaching above tree line where the views begin
freinds rebonding on the trail
In my mind I thought "kindred spirits" we are!  My friends initiated the mountain-top play time and it was just as I like it.  It was colorful and fun and full of laughing.  Before settling in to relax and dine, we secured out summit shots.  Both group......
.....and individual!
The weather on the summit was ideal.  We had sunshine and blue in the sky.  Wind was very minimal but we did add on a layer as we sat and admired the scenery.  Looking to the west was clear as can be.   The only indication of fire was some smoke to the east.
view from the summit
glaciers & mountain peaks
our dining spot
After lunch we still had some silliness to expend.  We enjoyed owning the summit and took all the time we felt worthy of investing on Mount St Piran. It was here that I learned about summit planking.  I gave it a try and I have added it to my options of summit celebration styles.
After a good hour we packed up and made our decent off the mountain. 
We stopped by to visit Lake Agnes before heading back down to Lake Louise then hitting the highway to home.  I was so pleased with how today played out and was thankful for the weather so my friends could have a great introduction to this mountain playground.  Although I have hiked up Piran a few times today felt like new all over again as I was seeing this place through their eyes.  I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to renew our friendship and to make new friends.  We created wonderful memories today!

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