Saturday, March 11, 2017

this & that & in between those

This morning after working through life's happenings, I bundled up in my blues (as you can see in the silver ball) and headed off to invest a couple of hours at Nose Creek and the Birthplace Forest.  It felt like the dog days of mid-February even though it looked like Christmas in places.  Anytime spent in this Park, I always come across something new to me.  This wreath is not seasonal, it is a memorial.   
Every tree in this Birthplace Forest has meaning...
...and a story to tell.
It looked very pretty this morning with the new fallen snow on the pine and fir greens.  
The scattered red & blue ribbons tied to trees added pop to the views.


That project I started back in December called "sea to summit" is now complete. I finished my second water color painting and picked a woodsy frame to decorate it.  The reds & blues here add pop too.   This piece of art brings me back in spirit to my homeland.  It adds warmth to this mid March day. 
I designed this lighthouse beach glass project a little while back.  It now hangs along side "are we there yet".  My "valley girlfriend" shared a picture with me of something similar that she was pretty sure I would take to.  Of course I did.  I reworked the piece to make it my own and this was the outcome.  The reds & blues here add pop too!  I am limited to certain colors in my beach glass collection.  For the sun, the light, the red and two blue waves, I painted the glass.
I find I am spending more time in the room that contains "sea to summit".  It is a room on the smaller side but it has great light for reading and a comfy bed.  It is bright, it is cheerful and it warms my heart to be amongst sights that are parts of my passions.  


In between those activities, I accomplished filling in some of the details for vacation plans that I have in place.  It is still a little too soon to be counting sleeps.  For now I am containing the excitement but I know it will spill out the closer "it's go time" gets here.
My recent trip to Tofino was a first time for me to be there.  Seeing all of the above will be a first for me too.  There will be another first this year but it will be for three friends.  I already know they are excited to venture from down south to up north for a hiking vacation.  I shared some trail options with them so they have an idea of what they could be in for and also to work at building their anticipation.

Between this & that & those I am calling it a day and ready to begin getting on with tonight!

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  1. Are you heading to Alaska, Iceland or Norway, or none of the above?
    So much lovely snow falling in your area.


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