Saturday, February 4, 2017

sea to summit additions

It's time to take a little time to share an update on where my "sea to summit" project stands at this point in time.  Over the past two weeks I have been investing time on the 3 "P"s and we are not talking Prairie/Powderface/Prairie but rather planning, purging, painting.  I am in the process of planning four vacations so far for this year, purging the old for me (new for someone else) from my home and painting with watercolors and acrylics.  My "sea to summit" project is growing and I am so enjoying this growth process.  I have spent so much of my free time over the past with the busyness of planning for and being "out & about" that I have let my creative interests slip by the wayside.  I need to work on a balance so I can have it all, and this would be in addition to the routine of life's happenings.

my first water color painting is now framed and hanging on my wall
My sister's acrylic on canvass gift to me is now framed and hanging on my wall too.
I opted to photograph it instead of on the wall, but rather between two of my cross stitch projects.
My acrylic painting on stone of Grinnell Lake at the base of Mount Gould.
This is a favourite location of mine along the Grinnell Glacier hike in Montana.
When I started to hike throughout the United States National Parks back in the day, I began to collect medallions along with patches.  The medallions are meant to be nailed to a wood hiking pole but I found another use for them.  While going through the purging of the old, I thought of a show I watched numerous times on TV called "love it or list it".  I came up with my version of that and it is "love it then use it, if not then purge it".  I forgot I had these medallions and when I found them I loved them because of what they represent.  I put my creative side to work and this is the work I created.  It is now part of my "sea to summit" project and hangs lovingly on the wall.
My dining table still has bits and pieces sitting in the corner waiting to be crafted together into meaninful somethings.  I don't know what those somethings are right now but when I do know, you can be sure I will share my treasure here.  So like I said before....



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