Friday, November 11, 2016

November 11, 2016

Remembrance Day

I felt compelled to stand quietly today and witness the sun rise over our city while acknowledging our war heroes on this November 11th of 2016.   I wanted to see the flags wave gloriously and freely from these poles.  One of those heroes is my Dad.  He served as Staff Sergeant with the 8th Field Battery in the Royal Canadian Artillery from September 1939 to October 1945.
I arrived in darkness so I could have some quiet time alone.
to walk between the crosses row on row
I placed my poppy on the cross of the Unknown Soldier.
It was a beautiful morning and I appreciated that and the colors in the sky.  While waiting for the sun to rise and for the Sunrise Ceremony, I strolled on and on and on.  The rows of crosses went on forever.  Every cross with a name of a soldier from Calgary and the surrounding area.  I believe there are approximately 3000 crosses.
I looked to the beautiful sky as the clouds danced in color formation
waiting for the raising of the flags.
The bugle sounded.
The bagpipes wailed.
raising the flags
It was an emotional few moments while partaking in this ceremony.  I gave thanks to able to stand here because I wanted to and because I could.  I thought about how that came to be and I thought about my Dad and what he did in his young life to make it a possibility for me to stand in this spot at this moment in time with not a worry.  
Thank you to all those soldiers who gave their lives for us.
Thank you to all those who supported their loved ones while they served.
Thank you to everyone serving and protecting us now.

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