Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nose Hill Park October 9 2016

This October weather so far is reminding me of the October when I moved here and that year on that day in Calgary went down in history for coldest and snowiest.  Both of those I truly do not mind, I learned how to embrace them and appreciate them for the beauty they do behold.  Today was no where near as fierce,  and once I saw the clouds disperse and blue sky appear, I quickly bundled up, headed out my door and toured around up on Nose Hill Park.  I had a few hours to fill.  

I like when the seasons meet & greet.
I knew Nose Hill could be dreamy today.
I bundled up but could have had more layers on, it was bitter with a bite.  
Right from the start, I knew I was in for a treat.  
With no direction or distance in mind, I just went, where the sky was bluer, where the ground was sparklier, and where my heart desired.  So up and down and around and up and over and in and down, I went.  
When the seasons clash, we are afforded beauty of a different sort.  This was a good opportunity to practise close up photography.  Ice was in abundance on every tree, on every leaf, on every trail, and my fingers were feeling like ice.
red & white
red & white & ice
We did not receive loads of snow but in the wide open spaces up on Nose Hill, thanks to the wind, the snow drifted.  I began to daydream and thought about SnowShoeing and X-C Skiing.  My hope is for a winter full of these joyful activities.
I also thought about drawing and painting and wondered could I create a piece that looks like this.  I took lessons many years ago but did not push forward with these crafts.  The interest was re-ignited while in Nova Scotia, but of creating beachy scenes.  I have the pencils, the paper, the paint, the brushes...let's see what this winter brings.
Deja-vu, if you are a follower and checked out last Sunday's post!  There we have those sparkly stars again.  Oh yes and today I got to get my being by water fix.  
I was feeling fulfilled with what I accomplished distance-wise and quite sure I had captured some treasures.  My feet were feeling cold and damp, and my fingers were near numb, I found the trail out and back and down and up and over and in and then back out to my car.
On this Thanksgiving Sunday, I have lots to feel blessed about and to appreciate.  


  1. I love your photos of the blue sky and fresh snowfall! I'm looking forward to winter in our mountains.

  2. Amazing as always. The blue and white with a dash of red - just perfect.

  3. I believe that the stars are formed from the shape of your camera lens diaphragm (opening) when it views bright points of light. If you love these stars, don't forget that during next year's Aug 21 solar eclipse, if you view shadows (of tree leaves, for instance) on the ground or on the wall, they can act as little pinhole cameras and will image the eclipsed sun onto the ground or wall. Google for 'eclipse shadow'. It's sort of like your stars but different!

    1. Thank you for sharing this bit of info. I googled "eclipse shadow" which I had never heard of before and found this quite interesting. I'll see what I can come up with on the 21st of next year.

  4. And I think these sparkles are sunlight on a thin ice coating on the branches.


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