Sunday, July 3, 2016

Glacier National Park Montana Day 5


I woke to what is to be another absolutely gorgeous day in Glacier National Park.  But, this is go day for me, go home day.  Reluctantly I loaded up my vehicle, took one last look at the view in front of me this time, and slowly drove down the winding narrow road.
It was early, and Many Glacier was just waking up.  
At the intersection, instead of heading towards St Mary, I aimed for north.  I pulled over to have one last look at St Mary Lake and the mountains open for hiking and thought what a grand time all the folks will have there today while I say GOODBYE to you!
On the drive home, I relived how fortunate I was with how these past days played out.  I had expectations for my early season visit, but these expectations were exceeded way beyond.  This National Park is so close to home but I felt like I was worlds away.  If you read my previous posts, you will know that I happened upon a long Ranger out there and spent about two hours with him.  We talked about everything and shared our feelings with regards to being "out & about".  While he lives his dream daily at work, I lived my dream these past few days.

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  1. Such wonderful memories! And the promise, no doubt, of a return visit.


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