Sunday, October 25, 2015

Buller Pass embracing autumn

It seemed a bit odd to be hiking on a Sunday, but with life's happenings there was no way on earth I could possibly have organized a hike for Saturday or for that matter, I could not have even completed a hike.   I was happy friends were keen to wait until Sunday to join me.  I put the idea out there of Buller Pass as a destination and it was a right choice for this gorgeous nearing-the-end-of October day.  While the warm layers and hot beverage were much appreciated at the summit where it was nippy, there was no need for gaiters nor foot traction nor anything one might need when dealing with snow or ice.  

This was the only ice we saw along the way, sections of frozen creek.
We made our way along the trail in the burnt forest then passed through the meadow. 
It had been two years since I was up to this Pass and already I forgot what some of the terrain looked like and where we would eventually end up.  Then it all came together and I could see the cairn and the inukshuk at the top.  A section of the trail nearing the top that had been washed out by the flood had been rerouted and made for a smoother climb.
Inukshuk at Buller Pass
This is my summit shot.  You can see  Mount Assiniboine, it is the tallest snow covered peak to the right of me.  It looked magnificent, so clear and it seemed so close.  Because of its closeness, it fooled me so I had to confirm that it was Mount Assiniboine.
The sun had not yet arrived on the Pass so it was on the nippy side.  I had enough layers so it did not matter to me.  I savoured my tuna sandwich, salad (made up of penne, snap peas, orange cherry tomatoes, feta cheese), grapes, mesquite b-b-que chips and hot cranberry apple zinger tea.  This was my view whilst dining, you can see Ribbon Lake far below center.  
looking across to Guinns Pass
I would like to get back to that Pass again one day.
just playing around, getting a little higher and enjoying the colorful boulders
Folks that were coming up when we were descending warned us of a "big ole bear" up on the slope.  We eyed and eyed the slope but no sightings for us.  Seeing the terrain snow-free and dry like this and the sun shining brightly and warmly, it is hard to imagine the bears are considering going into hibernation.  
such a beautiful autumn day
I know going forward, beautiful days like today are numbered.  
I made an extra effort to soak it all in.


  1. Autumn days are the best for hiking! Looks like you had a great one.

  2. I've missed having time to read your posts. I had the most amazing time away, but finding it difficult to settle into 'normal' life. I hope to get the blog going soon.


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