Sunday, September 27, 2015

Moab Day 1 The Arrival

My friend stated words similar to these "I'm looking forward to writing our unwritten Moab Adventure". I could not agree more with that sentiment.  As so we begin!  My, finally after what seemed like waiting forever, day started at 3:00am in Calgary.  It was go time.  We met at the airport, smoothed out a few wrinkles, and finally landed in Grand Junction, Colorado.  For me, now it seemed real and this adventure was going to happen.  My first true view when my feet were firmly planted on terra, offered up so many of my favourite things.  Just before sliding in behind the wheel at Grand Junction airport, I captured my first shot.
We had a list of must-do's to place check marks by before going to our home.  We drove the scenic by-way, picked up our arches visitor pass, dropped a few dollars at the Arches visitor center and the Moab information center, picked up our groceries then excitedly walked through our front door.
                                                       our dining area where we had our first dinner
                                                                   my bedroom
                       We spent a little time on our patio admiring the views.  The rim surrounds us.
Our patio holds a fire pit, a bar-b-que, a hot tub, all with a pleasing privacy barrier around it.   I enjoyed a beer by the fire and just let all cares and worries go, then opening up to share a wonderful experience with my two friends.
                                                    the sun begins to settle below the rim.....
.......and we join our neighbours to witness the total eclipse of the moon.  I have never experienced such a sight from such an amazing vantage spot.  The moon rose above the rim, and the eclipse began.
As the eclipse happened, the blood moon began to show his true colours.  We three sat side by side admiring this event, all the while the sky is filling up with stars, with an added touch is a shooting star here and there.
I could barely keep my eyes open as the night went on.  At a split second in time, we each utter we had enough and needed to say good night to this day.  We went our separate ways as we entered back through our front door.  Today offered that teasing taste of a wonderful adventure to come.  I am excited to write tomorrow's unwritten story.

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