Saturday, August 1, 2015

Emerald Triangle, August 1 2015

What was I thinking when I thought the Emerald Triangle hike would be ideal as our farewell hike.  Distance wise it was to be our biggest yet.   This was a trail that I let fall of my radar, I just kept finding other destinations I would prefer.  It was time to see what this place was all about.  I had been to Emerald Lake and around it many times but that's about it.  This day I would go above and beyond it.  Like every other day, we arrived early.  The lighting was not that great, it seemed hazy.  That cleared off though as the day went on.
lots of these every where
The views were lacking until we reached Yoho Lake.  It was green and with a backcountry campground close by.  The Lake sports two of those National Parks red chairs. That's where we sat to admire the scenery and refuel.
After Yoho Pass and Yoho Lake, we then hiked along the Wapta Highline Trail section of the Emerald Triangle.  The views were outstanding here.  The trail was very narrow with a steep drop off on our right.  I could not hike and look at the same time so the going was slow here.  A couple came along and he stated the trail had deteriorated extensively since he was here a couple of years ago. He wondered would it be doable two years down the road.  
the view down to Emerald Lake
We made our way to Burgess Pass and found a great spot to take time.   This is beside the Burgess Shale area that is accessible only to those that pay to go with a guide.  Sitting here we were exposed to the sun and heat but being amongst the beauty was worth it.   
The folks with the guide are up there somewhere just below Mount Field.
my destination shot along the Emerald Triangle
our group shot
clouds dancing above the glacier
a gorgeous scene
found a fossil
It was now time to begin that descent along the Burgess Pass Trail.  I read and heard that it can be a knee knocker.  I didn't find that, I just found that it was long and seemed like it would never end. We kept seeing specks of Emerald Lake between the trees but it continued to look far away.  
Finally, after what seemed like eternity, we were down,  before exiting out onto the main trail around the Lake, I got caught up in tree branches cutting my arm.  I just let it bleed, it would dry up in the heat.  When we reached the intersection and exited from the Burgess Pass Trail it was surreal, I felt like I had been out in the bush for days on end and just entered back into society.  I was hot, sweaty, tired but I did not stink.  I could not even muster up a smile.  There were loads of folks around looking at us integrate with them on this tourist trail.  I slipped on a wet log and went down but made a good recovery.  I was so tired I could not walk straight. The blood was dried on my arm.  We sauntered along just wanting this hike over with.

All that being said, I enjoyed this hike and the scenery was amazing.  We had the short drive back to our site and very quickly got the treats and beverages out.  Being a long weekend in a National Park, certain beverages were banned.  We found our way to celebrate our accomplishment.  We tried to stay up late this night but it was difficult.  We did enjoy our fire and waited until this big log and the load behind were mere ashes.  Sweet Day!  Sweet Dreams!


  1. Day 6 - big mileage! The serenity and calm of Lake Louise in your first shot totally masks the hard slog to come.
    Congratulations to both of you on covering so many kms and elevation during the week. You deserve to have the weather Gods on your side.

  2. Seeing all your lovely photos makes me want to plan another trip to Banff!


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