Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mount Fairview, July 30 2015

Yesterday was transition day from Banff National Park over to Yoho National Park.  We broke down camp at Waterfowl then headed for the Kicking Horse Campground in Yoho.  How lucky were we to score another great site.  I enjoyed views like this.  We set up camp for four nights.  We chatted about how lucky we were that the weather cooperated when we dismantled at Waterfowl and set up here.  In between it was miserable but we had business to take care off replenishing our treat and beverage supply.  
We picked Mount Fairview as our objective for today.  We arrived at the Lake Louise parking lot early and to a busy place already but we were thankful only a handful of folks were heading in the same direction as us.

We made good time up through the forest to the Saddleback.  
We admired the back side of Temple.  
Boy she's a beauty!  
Now it was time to work!  The route was obvious and worn. We took our time admiring the views the whole way up.  There was so much to see.  Here in the center in bright green is the Lake Louise ski hill.  
the glacier parade begins as we wind our way up
along the trail
what work looks like
our office view for the day
When we reached the summit, we were so pleased to see that we would be owning a very large section of it.  Before finding a front row seat with a view to dine, we captured summit shots.  This is mine!
Thank you to Nikita for this photo.  That is the highway far below.  The sign beside me warns there is a drop off beside me and not to move any closer to the edge.  You could see forever up here.  The rewards exceeded the work to arrive at the summit.  
this was the view to my right as we dined
that is Mt Saint Piran in the middle
this is the view directly in front of us
Lunch was not that long as it was cold and windy at the top.  After refueling we admired the scenery one more time then began our descent.  It wasn't long before we were back down to short sleeve shirts and back down to the Saddleback.  This was our view while we took a short break here. 
On the drive back to our campsite at Kicking Horse, we chatted about how lucky we were to have had the gorgeous weather for the hike and that we beat the crowd to the top.  Our stars continued to align for us and we were thankful for that.  We donned our compression socks for relief from our day and in preparation for another big climb tomorrow.


  1. Day 4 - OMG can hiking get any better?!
    So envious of your colourful compression socks. They only come in black and white here.

  2. What a spectacular place to hike and camp. And I love your colorful footwear. :)


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