Thursday, November 20, 2014

Indian Canyons - Palm Springs Vacation Day 5

The Indian Canyons hiking location was ideal for today. I wanted an objective close to home but worlds away. With only a 12 minute drive and a $9.00 entry fee, this place was priceless. The entrance gate didn't open until 8:00 so I luxuriated in my suite a little longer this morning.  I have been thoroughly enjoying not knowing what is around each corner on these hikes here in Palm Springs and have been going in with eyes wide open.

I obtained a map of the trails then talked with the Ranger to get a suggestion on a route.  He suggested Palm Canyon Trail to Stone Pools then upon my return, veering off and incorporating Victor Trail which would be adding on a loop at the end.  This would probably be enough for a day in this part of the desert when the forecasted temperature is to be 100F (37.8C).  I could get in and out before that high temperature is reached.

I descended from the Trading Post to the valley bottom or I mean oasis.  At 8:30am it was sweltering and the shade from the large tightly packed Palm trees was glorious.  I was in awe having never seen such a spectacular sight.  I felt lost amongst these monsters!  I truly did, it was a bit of a challenge finding my way through this maze and out the other it.  Then it was time to head out into the unknown and explore.  The further I went, the hotter it became.  I wasn't quite keen on going too far so picked the 5km mark to be my turn around spot.  Even at that, the beauty already exceeded my expectations.  Upon my return, I took the suggested Victor Trail and it gave me more elevation, more views, more beauty.  

I completed this hike as the temperature gage read 91F.  They told me this was a cool winter day for this region.  I smiled!  I smiled lots today.  Looking around from the trail head, I saw many trails that headed off in different directions. There is so much exploring and discovering to do in this canyon and oasis.  Some day!

the beginning of a maze to maneuver through
coming out on the other side of the palm forest
true desert hiking conditions
along Victor Trail
Trading Post is that white speck in the centre
potential trail for another time 

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  1. I love the palms. They look like giant friendly monsters.


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