Thursday, September 11, 2014

Touristy Day Away

You know when you have that feeling that you have been handed a gift and you just have to accept it with wide open arms and live life and go for it?  I woke this morning with that very feeling!  The plan for today was once again to tackle those tasks but being the expert I have been lately for failing miserable why break the trend.  I packed up and hit the highway west to play tourist for a day.  I had no idea what to expect conditions wise but I had to take the chance.  Once out of the city boundary, the highway was summer dry all the way.  The views were out of this world and I wanted to stop for photos but opted not to or I would never make it to Banff.  

I made a quick stop in the town site of Banff to scope out my objective which is that little bump in the fluffy cloud that is to the left of of the tall trees.  That is the top of Sulphur Mountain.
I would be taking the easy way up today, the gondola would be my mode of transportation to the top. I snapped this shot just before heading into the terminal building.
You can see the gondola in the snow to the right.
As I stepped out of the terminal building at the top, I knew this was where I needed to be at this moment in time.  It was the most amazing looking winterwonderland.  I have been up here a handful of times yet it has never looked as beautiful as it did right now.
along the boardwalk
Banff below
framed tourquoise river
seeing through the dusting of clouds
blue sky blanket of white
beauty galore
I stepped off the boardwalk to walk down along the top of the Cosmic Ray Road.  
The snow was a couple of inches above my ankles.  
I declare, I love life!
After a little more admiring, I headed back along the boardwalk under the blue sky and sunshine and snow bomb after snow bomb after snow bomb.  For those coming up any time as the day goes on, the snow covered trees would not be, but just mere trees. 

I planned to site see around the townsite but as time was passing the snow was disappearing.  While still beautiful, there was not much of that added white bonus.  I visited Bow Falls behind the Banff Springs Hotel.
bridge towards the Banff Springs Golf Course
Bow River near Bow Falls
This photo has a story!  It was my last photo of the day.   The river runs behind downtown and as you can see is a beautiful spot.  I went off the trail, through bushes to get to the river's edge.  I snapped my shot.  I heard big rustling in the bushes, I heard talking, a voice saying "it is now heading west", then the bushes broke and there were two wardens with one carrying a big antenna type thing and the other talking into a walkie talkie type thing.  They told me there is a grizzly bear and they are tracking it.  I started to get the heck out of there and they said no look at it over there on the other side of the river.  I could see it running, too quick for a photo.  The wardens took off, talking in the walkie talkie type thing saying "it is heading to Fenland", they hopped in their truck,  set the lights on flashing and they were gone.   
I had plans of hiking around Fenland Loop but knew now that would not be happening.  I was so absolutely pleased with where I already went and what I already saw today that I was O.K. to call it a day and hit the highway to home.  I arrived home to all those tasks still hanging over my head.  We will see what tomorrow brings!

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  1. Wow! Absolutely spectacular! Awesome! Magnificent! ……… Kim had sent me pics of near where they are at Canmore but soooo glad you got to see all this under such blue skies. Now you have to be out watching for the Aurora.


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