Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Bouquet Presentation

Today I landed back at the Sunshine Parking Lot, the same place I was two weeks prior.  Only this time instead of hopping on the bus to the top for the Sunshine Meadow show, we hit the trail to hike along side Healy Creek to the top for the Healy Pass Wildflower performance.  The first few kilometers in the tress is boring yet filled with aromatherapy & lushness.  Speaking of aroma, considering all the wildfires in the nearby vicinity, we were spared any smoky smell and there was no smoke to hamper our views only loads of clouds.  But, after all, we were not hiking here for the massive wide open views, we were here for the bouquet presentation. 

out of the forest then the show slowly started trail side  
then the awards of peak performance
Between periods of drizzle & rain, there were short opportunities to capture a vista or two.  This is my favourite section where you get to see it all, mountains, flowers, lakes, meadows.  A bit of blue would have been the topping on the cake but you can't always have your cake and eat it too.
variety is the spice of life
Here we were presented with The Monarch in the middle with The Monarch Rampart stretching long and leading up to it framed by a larch tree and a wildflower bouquet.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I would rate this as an award worthy performance.  Bravo to you Mother Nature!
We reached our destination, dined in the rain, checked out further along the trail, admired many lakes, then with a bit of blue in the sky, it was the ideal time for my destination shot.  Feeling so happy to be in  my happy place!
delicate yet hardy
What an abundance of pink mountain heather!
After the final bouquet was presented, the show was over and it was time to hit the trail back and head home.  I already pondered coming back again either real soon for more wild flowers on hopefully a sunny blue sky day or into September during the golden season show.  
Healy Pass was such a busy place today.  While I have been in the area a few times, it was only my second time during wildflower season.   My first wildflower show attendance way back on  July 16, 2011 I met Leslie whose blog I follow.  What are the odds!  For my second viewing, who do I see for the second time, Leslie.  We exchanged a hug and pleasantries.  The added bonus to these play days is running into familiar folks and also sharing the adventure with friends. Today was filled with bonus after bonus after bonus!

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