Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bear Mountain Sedona May 1, 2014

I didn't know what exactly to expect after doing my homework, but I had a rough idea of what there could be.  The only thing to do is go and see and if it gets to be too much then just be smart and turn back.  Well, I never did turn back, in fact I would have liked a little more of what the Bear threw at me.  It turned out being a fun, steep at times, sweet, slickrock easy scramble to a mountain top with amazing views.  That's part of Bear Mountain as I saunter down the trail. 
stand alone rock formation
As always, the higher you go, the bigger the reward.  Now I can see right across to Doe Mountain where I was just a short time ago.  Also running down the middle is the road that got me here.  This was a very quiet trail.  I knew of two already ahead of me and a couple behind me.  
I took a short detour to this slickrock flat section.  You can see Doe Mountain in the middle down below, that plateau.  This could be a wonderful destination spot on its own but I felt so far so good, let's give this a go. So off I go!
fun slickrock to scramble through and up and over 
view on my way up
I bypassed a wide open scenic section in favour of reaching this high point for a summit shot.  It was fun to be up there but no views behind me for my photo.  I stuck around for a little bit then went lower with a wider sitting area to relax and refuel.
This makes a better summit shot with that amazing backdrop.  
I settled in for a visit.  
tree & bush beside me
my dining pleasure
I shared a short visit with the couple who were behind me.  They didn't stick around long.  Once they were gone, I owned it.  The couple before me left before I reached the top.  While this is not a vortex, it has that appeal of having an absolutely gorgeous sight so I took time to appreciate the view.  On my way down, once past the slickrock scramble parts, it then seemed to be more of a garden path with all the blooming cacti.  
It was not as much of an attack on Bear as I thought it might have to be. I thoroughly enjoy playing on the slickrock.  I feel safe scrambling on that stuff.  It's far from slick, I call it sticky!  This area is only about a 25 minute drive from my room but it feels like a world away from bustling Sedona.  As with every other day after hiking, once back at my room, it's reward time! 

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