Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wilcox Pass August 25, 2013 Day 1

My original plan was to hike Wilcox Pass tomorrow and Parker Ridge today but of the two Wilcox is my favourite and I wanted to make sure I had favourable weather conditions for it so that meant hitting it today as tomorrow calls for not as nice.  My belief that everything happens for a reason was reconfirmed by this change in choice.  That story plays out on my Parker Ridge hike so stay tuned for that, but for now, join me along Wilcox Pass. 

It took me just short of four hours to get to the trail head this morning and I was in desperate need to stretch my legs, breathe, and just let go and go with the flow.  Having been here two years ago, I knew what I was in for and could hardly wait to receive that.  I darted through the forest to quickly get to this!
...and then this!
Before this, I spent a little time at the top point of the Pass then followed along the trail heading through the meadow towards Tangle Falls  with a view like this for the entire time.  This time I did not go as far as before because I wanted to venture off in a new direction instead.  I hiked a kilometer further beyond this and then turned around.  
Heading in the new direction would bring me closer to the glaciers.
My view on the way closer to the glaciers.
zoomed in shot of glacier
Not zoomed in!
At my new destination and the perfect spot for a summit shot.
The Icefield Parkway Center is below me and this was my lunch time view.
Looks like he is full from lunch.
Looking back to where I just was. 
There is still more area to discover along Wilcox Pass which means I will just have to pay another visit another time.  It was a wise choice to hang out here today, the weather was ideal and the scenery spectacular.  It is so easy to place this place on the top of the list for being amazing.  

Before checking in for the evening, I drove out to Abraham Lake.  
Abraham Lake
After all the driving today, the hike, the scenery, fresh air and exercise, I was beat!
I was fine ending the day on the earlier side.
I could not truly appreciate anything more to love on this day!

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