Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 5 July 18 - Grinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park Montana

What a day this was packed full of "I just want to feel this moment" moments.  

I got to the Many Glacier Hotel early knowing I needed to, to get a parking spot.  I did not want to start out on my own hiking the first couple of kilometers early, through the dense forest and narrow winding pathway.  That is a recipe for face to face grizzly encounter!  I went down to the boat dock for 8:00 am when it opened and the Ranger-led 8:30 boat was already full with two groups already on a wait list.  I added my name just in case.  At 8:30 the attendant announced the first group on the wait list who acknowledged and headed for the boat, there was no answer when the second group was called, I said a prayer then my name was called!  I jumped for joy and ran to the boat!  

When we docked at the end of Lake Josephine, everyone gathered around to listen to the Ranger.  I did not want to go with that group so quietly spoke with a couple of others who were game to go with me on our own.  We began the hike then made introductions and chatted lots.  One other caught up with us and then two more so we were a very safe group of six.

After taking the boat, not much time is spent in the trees hiking, the view opens quite quick.  
The trail is clear as far as we can see and even clear of folks.  Today is the first day of the year the trail is open all the way to the end.  We got the early start which meant we would be one of the first to be there.  Well, there were only about 8 before us as it turned out.  That did not include the six snow shovellers who darted past us on the trail to finish the shoveling that was not completed yesterday. 
Grinnell Lake!
What a color!
I stopped to admire it and also...
"I just want to feel this moment!"
Further along and higher up we could now see off in the distance Swiftcurrent Lake, Josephine Lake and Grinnell Lake closest to us.  It was a spectacular sight and I just love how those few little clouds came along as an added bonus to make the perfect picture.
The melt water from Grinnell Glacier. 
I walked onto the solid section.
I got my summit shot...
Being suspended in air...
"I just want to feel this moment!"
Two from our group needed to leave right away while the rest of us stayed a bit to have lunch, take photos, explore and like me just to take time to be thankful and appreciative that we could be here today.  When we did leave, I glanced back one more time and seeing the blue sky and emerald water, I just had to have one last shot.
It was such a hot day!
I looked forward to an opportunity to cool off!
I dropped my pack...
Stood under the falls...
"I just want to feel this moment!"
Grinnell Lake again on the way back.
The four of us stuck together as we all nixed taking the boat back in favour of hiking back to the trail head at Many Glacier Lodge.  Most of the trail beyond where we would have caught the boat was green, lush and grown to shoulder height for me.  It was very narrow and very winding so we were very noisy.  This was an absolutely unbelievable day!  I felt so very happy with how this vacation played out and now I was ready to head home after one last night of wine, a fire and sleeping in my tent.


  1. How wonderful that your 'stars' continue to align - for you and for ME.
    Awesome 5 days. Awesome posts. Awesome photography!!!
    Totally envious, but love how I can just 'feel the moment' just by sitting in front of the computer. Thanks.

    1. Helen, Glad I was able to pass along the "feel the moment" feeling to you. I sensed the same thing reading about your most recent hike. Thank you for stopping by for a visit.


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