Saturday, January 26, 2013

Re-View & Re-New

I have some lofty snowshoeing destinations on my to-do list but they are not places I dare venture to on my own.  Seeing as I was soloing today, I played it safe and chose an area that I knew would have other visitors come along at some point in case I got into trouble.  It had been 768 days since my last trek to Chester Lake and the Elephant Rocks.   Enough time had passed that I was fine to re-view this location again but wanted to experience it in a different way to fully re-new my love for the Lake & Rocks and hoped going solo and early would fulfill my hopes.  

I made the very early start, which is my favourite kind of start,  and was happy to see I was first to arrive at the parking lot.  Well I wasn't the first, the only other vehicle there was the guy with his big plow clearing out the lot, but that doesn't count. With a view like this from my parking spot, I knew I was in for a special kind of day.
I made my way to the snowshoe trail head then began ascending through the trees.
It was so peaceful and beautiful! 

When I started seeing the clearing ahead, I picked up the pace, I couldn't help it, I was excited to get to that first meadow.  The trails made by visitors on previous days were covered in a couple centimeters of snow which gave the feel of semi-untouched terrain and afforded me the pleasure of no trail breaking.  
After a few more minutes through the trees and a little more elevation, I arrived at the next meadow. This time of morning, in this meadow, I was smack in the middle of a 360 degree visual overload.  I took some time and savoured my surroundings.

early morning shadows
sun kissed peaks
never forget to check over your shoulder
While checking over my shoulder, I also noticed I was still all alone.  My hopes were being fulfilled and I now knew there was a 99.9% guarantee for full ownership of the Lake & Rocks.  In well under two hours, I arrived at Chester Lake.  I didn't stay long as I knew there was something more spectacular just ten minutes up ahead.
The Elephant Rocks
I checked out a few locations to find the perfect spot for my destination shot.  
This is it!
a pair of elephant rocks
shadow shot
feast for the eyes
I found a lovely spot in the sun to spread out, relax, plus cherish the quiet moments and views.  The warmth from the sun made it ideal to go hatless and mittless while I dined and drank.  My intentions were after returning to close by the trail head, to veer off and include the new loop to Mt Murray Viewpoint to today's destinations. Those were my intentions a couple of hours back, but at this point I decided to squash that plan.  Now hearing voices approach, it was time to pack up, weave my way through the Rocks then hit the trail.  I was back to my car in 45 minutes passing lots and lots of folks just heading up.
This is what I squashed visiting the Mt Murray Viewpoint for.  
Sun & Snacks.
I still wasn't ready to head home.  
Today turned out being exactly what I hoped for.  


  1. Another magnificent day. Sadly my bush walking today had to be cancelled because of gale force destructive winds, torrential rain and high flood levels.

    1. Helen,

      Your terrible weather has made the news here in Calgary. I hope you are able to stay safe. Do you document your bush walks to share with others? I would enjoy reading about your adventures.


  2. Thankfully we appear safe from such deluges. We overlook a golf course and it became one massive lake. The level would have to rise another 2 metres before our home would be at risk. The devastation elsewhere is incomprehensible. So many people just recovery from a lesser event 2 years ago.
    Mid last year I began to set up a blog because I thought readers like yourself would enjoy seeing the Australian bush. Alas I'm no techno whizz and little progress was made. You have now given me the impetuous to have another go. Is your blog on a paid site?

    1. Helen, Glad to know you are safe and I hope you stay that way! My blog is free and I did it using . I am not a whizz either at all this stuff and found the blogger website not too bad to get a blog up and running. Some things took time to figure out but as time went on it got easier and easier. I hope you give it another time.

  3. Great idea to bring the chair.


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