Saturday, August 25, 2012

My OH My... magnificent North Molar Pass was today!  Before I say anything, I first need to say "Thank You" for the wonderful unexpected gift today.  You expect to get gifts on birthdays, at Christmas, graduations etc but the best kind of gift is the gift that is given just because, it comes totally unexpected for no reason, it sits there right before your eyes.  You blink a couple of times and look in wonder and then realize My OH My this gift is for me!  The gift that I accepted with open arms today was packaged so perfectly and I could hardly wait to open it and admire everything that was at first visibly obvious and then unwrap the hidden treasures.  

With the terrible weather in the city and in the mountains yesterday, I didn't know what to expect for today.  Being late August, the day light hours are decreasing, the low temperatures get lower and the highs not as high, the windows of opportunity for long summer hikes will now become fewer so one needs to jump at the chance and get out there when presented with an open window.  That is just what I did today with three fun friends, on a blue bird day that got up to +20C, with no wind nor mosquitoes nor wind.  What a gift!
The first seven or so kilometers from the Mosquito Creek Campground, following the Creek  to where the first visibly obvious sights began, went by quickly.  The flowing water was where it was suppose to be and did not impede our travel. 
Look closely, even the rock in the middle of Mosquito Lake is reflecting.
We took our time strolling through the vast meadow.  As we began our ascent to North Molar Pass, we had quite the view looking back at the meadow and the Lake that now surprisingly looked turquoise from a distance.
North Molar Pass sits at the base of the V.
V for Victory for reaching the 3rd highest Pass accessible by hiking in Banff National Park.  
North Molar Pass is at 2590 meters.  
Once my summit shot was taken care off, I checked out the sights and out of the corner of my eye, in the far, far off down below distance, I saw Fish Lakes.  This is zoomed in 35 times.  I really wanted to see this Lake and now I know I would like to backpack down to there to spend a night.
This was the only snow we encountered which was directly across from our dining spot.
On the return portion through the meadow, we meandered and wandered, taking a little more time to do some unwrapping.  I could not pass this view by and needed to get caught up right in the middle of it and discovering when I knelt down that the scene became a photographers dream.
Mosquito Lake
My, what big teeth you have!
We stayed on the opposite side of the creek for a while longer before rock hoping back to the trail.  We discovered this side of the meadow was much more vibrant with color and spent a little more time taking pretty pictures.
Molar Meadow
After enjoying all the wide open obvious views and unwrapping the hidden treasures, it was time to rock hop back to the trail then carry on with the roughly seven kilometers through the forest along the creek.  Just like the trip through here on the way in, on the way out went by just as quickly.  
Now do you see why it was important for me to firstly say "Thank You"? 
It felt like I was "on top of the world" in the midst of a meadow.
In my opinion, today's gift was priceless.
Once again, Thank You! 


  1. Such a precious gift. I gather these views would have been dusted with snow the previous day.

  2. Outstanding photographs of a hike I shall look forward to doing. Thanks for sharing your observations of one of the best wildflower seasons I can remember. It is just incredible out there. Enjoyed your series from Waterton Lakes National Park. Looking forward to reviewing subsequent posts and the time to more frequently express appreciation for your efforts. The greatest collection in life is wonderful memories. Thanks.


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