Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hot & Bad

That is the typical combination you can expect when you head to Drumheller!  I was out the door early to beat the crowds heading here for the day.   I beat the hoards of hikers by starting the hike at 9:00am but I didn't beat the heat in these badlands.  I had to start in a short sleeve shirt and already wished I had shorts on.  This is the view down into Horsehsoe Canyon and where I was headed.
After looking down and then making the initial very steep descent,  it was all looking up from then on.   Looking up for scenery and the conditions along with the temperature and no one else being around, everything was looking up.
I had a track on my GPS to follow through this maze but soon after ditched the track and opted to find my own way.   It is crazy and wild down in the badlands.   It's a land like no other!
I eyed my photos close, close in and was very happy already with the quality I was getting.   
If I followed the track on my GPS, I would have by-passed this playground. 
I had secretly hoped for there to be a few clouds in the sky but they were very scarce today. I like how they add to a photo..... in this one.....
This area stood out for the few red rocks scattered amongst the grey sand.
I didn't play with many camera features today but did use the color accent.
Horseshoe Canyon is a great place to play photographer.  I spent close to three hours winding my way around and there was something different around every corner mixed in with the land formation.  From golden...... green.....
By the time I was ending my hike, swarms of folks were just beginning.  I climbed out of the Canyon, stopped at the top to catch my breath and look back to where I just came from and then enjoyed my lunch.   From there being only my car in the parking lot at the start, now the main lot was full and they were spilling out into the secondary lot and along the roadway.  I was glad for the early start and to now be leaving the Badlands to head home.  

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