Saturday, April 7, 2012

Top Marks

I was looking forward to today because it was going to be an opportunity to make new friends to adventure with.  They were keen on snowshoeing to Fox Lake as none of them had been there before.  I knew the way so was game to share the day with them.  I had expectations and hopes for what we might see, with that being a new bright blanket of white.  We obviously got that as you can see Fox Lake at the base of Mount Fox.
We had chatted along the way about the hope of seeing wildlife off the road.  I said we may see deer, mountain sheep or a coyote and if we are lucky we could see a moose.  They had hoped for a bear seeing as they are making their way out of hibernation.  Just then, something crossed the road in front of us.  It was a wolf!  This was something I did not expect for today and could not believe my eyes!  We were in total amazement!  I took this as a sign for a great day to come!  Its' partner was on the other side of the road.
photo credit to my back seat friend
We made it to the trail head and as I had hoped for, we were the first!  The first snow was hard and crunchy along an already set trail.  The amount of snow really showed when we reached this portion of the X-C Ski trail.  Those that know me, know I am tall as is this snow bank.
This really puts the height of the snow in perspective!

This just boggles my mind!  
Seeing how the snow was just about covering important signs, I was thinking if there happens to be a few more inches of snowfall and you happen to be coming here, you better be familiar with the area and the terrain and know your way around because there will not be any signs to see to notify you of what you need to know.  For example:  Avalanche area Do Not Enter, moderate downhill ahead, directions to Fox Lake or anything around here and then where the snowshoe trails are. 
We had a wonderful lunch spot in ideal conditions of sunshine, warmth and no wind.  
Looks like storm clouds brewing off in the distance.  They never did reach us.
The Continental Divide was spectacular!
My friends were keen for a little exploring in powder and two were game to break trail.  We used my GPS track as a guide and went off track for a bit here and there.  I could not have asked for today to be different in any way other then how it was.  It was more then I expected and I sensed my new friends felt the same.  The work it took in making today happen was all worth it.


  1. Wow! Another glorious day shared!

  2. Amazing! I would not have expected that much snow. Good point on the signs. I have not done the Fox Lake Snowshoe but I have put it on the list based on your experience and the outstanding photos. Excellent day. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing images of that snow level!


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