Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Hills Were Alive........

....with the sounds of "wow",  "look",  "what a view",  "the horses"  and birds singing!

The stars aligned for today's adventure into the  Mustang Hills.  The forecast was for sunshine, a blue sky, warmth and we got all that plus more.  We started at the Winter Gate along Route 66 and walked the road up to Rainy Summit to where the exploring began. 
This was the most snow we saw today partially covering Rainy Summit and on Outlaw and Banded Peaks.  Most of the elevation was out of the way now and it was time to head into the Hills but not before removing a few layers, hats and gloves.
The West Hill's summit was uneventful, no views, although time-wise it was a good place for a substantial snack.  It was also time to remove another layer and make long sleeves short.  Then we carried on to the Center Hill.  The view here was wide and forever.  Happy Hiker was living up to her name and I was right in there too!  It only got better......
.....when we arrrived at the East Hill!
Movement caught my eye and there they were, a herd of mustangs!  
I couldn't believe it!  
I had hoped to see a wild horse but here was a herd of them, right there.
We had a five minute staring match!
We won the match!  The mustangs turned and took off!
We spent lots of time on this specific Mustang Hill.  The views were spectacular, the sun was actually hot, there wasn't even a breeze and to think this is February and we are in Alberta!  We even found a geocache!  I felt something under my backside when I was relaxing under the tree.
This is my "summit shot" for the day under the tree and blue sky with Cobblestone Flats below and behind me.  After our lengthy summit visit, we planned our exit from the Hills then packed up on went on our way.
After exploring a bit more, we got back on track and found the slope we needed to descend to get to the open space and Route 66 for the road trip back to our trail head.  We encountered a small amount of snow here and there and got to bushwhack a bit.  
Once we were on the road again, we stopped for a bite to eat, layered up then strolled along for the last three kilometers as the sun set.  We were ready to be heading home!  I wonder what the man in the moon was thinking! 
I am thankful for today!  
I realize how special days like this are!
I accept it as a gift!


  1. awesome from Karen!

  2. Your last few comments resonate with many of us who contemplatively wander... And discovering those wild ones, what a wonderful day out.


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