Saturday, November 26, 2011

Playing in the Dark!

In the past, I have only ever admired the Lions Festival of Lights from the vantage point of a slow moving vehicle.  This year I had reasons to get up close and personal!  First, it was a great opportunity to play with the low light, night time, fireworks etc features on my new SX40HS.  Second, I could check off an item from my to-do list!  The item I got to check off was to particpate in a mob flash dance.   How cool was that?  Very cool!  Especially seeing the looks on folks' faces when the dance broke out.  

This is a sample of how my camera performs!
I am happy with the fireworks setting.
Night time burst works great!
Close up in the dark is perfect!
Auto focus does exactly what it is suppose to do!
Then there are the characters and face dectection, blink detection, red eye reduction!
The Mayor!
All in all, a fun and successful time out playing in the dark.  
There are roughly 50 pages in the camera guide yet to go through, so I still have lots to learn.  

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