Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Road Trip

Yesterday was a road trip in one direction, today I hit the road again but in the opposite direction.  My preference would have been to be out and about enjoying fresh air and exercise but I am leaning towards the chicken side of hiking on my own in lesser populated play ground areas.  Short strolls with the safety of my car close by would suffice for this Thanksgiving Monday.
I heard there was lots of snow in certain areas of the mountains so I went to check for myself.   I could see it off in the distance, the distance that I was aiming for.   My timing was perfect taking a road trip today, the sky was blue, traffic well there was none to speak off and the tree colors seemed to be peaking!
This is what one sees on a Rocky Mountain type of Thanksgiving road trip!
There were many picnic areas to choose from and I picked this one to enjoy my lunch.  
Ah!  So this is the snow they spoke off!  
I didn't venture far seeing as this trail was closed due to bear activity!  
Rocky Mountain Autumn!
With scenery like this, I am very thankful to be able to just hop in my car and go and take it all in.  

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  1. Excellent photos. Thanks for sharing. Our fall colours may be predominantly in earth tones but in the mountain framework they are spectacular. Still, I miss those fall colours in Ontario and the Maritime Provinces.


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