Monday, September 5, 2011

No Labor on Labor Day Weekend

I was reluctant to head up the Icefield Parkway for the long weekend without a campsite reserved.  I don't do well with unknowns and I don't like flying by the seat of my pants.  It's just another step forward in the growing as an adventurer direction.  As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about, I had many sites to choose from when I arrived at 9:30am.  This was my choice.  
I bought fire permits for both nights and picked out a supply of wood to last for two night fires and one morning fire.  I had that fire crackling and roaring and sparkling and everything else a campfire does!  From the looks and sounds of things, I out-crackled and out-roared those around me.
Not really paying too much attention to anything other then unpacking my day gear and getting my evening gear in order, I sensed something going on behind me and when I turned to acknowledge that sense, this is what I saw!   
I enjoyed everything about this hiking/camping weekend! 
I finally learned the trick to having a great campfire!  
I realize I prefer colder weather camping!  

I still have lots to learn though!

Heading Home!


  1. LOL, love that road shot and the size of the fire. You should call in sick & join the naughty side ;-).

  2. Beautiful photos of the sun heading through the trees, thanks for sharing it!


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